The Lonely Place

Matthew 14:13 says that after Jesus had heard that John the Baptist had been killed, He went alone to a solitary place.  Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in that lonely place, pondering all that has been lost but at the same time remaining hopeful of future gain.  It’s difficult following this “Man of sorrows.”  We seem to pass from a day of Blessing so quickly into a week (year?) of cursing.  We wonder in these lonely places if He is still there, if He still cares.  Ancient mystics called this “The Dark Night of the Soul.”  They learned in these times that great blessing awaits those who survive this “dark night.”  They experience a closeness of fellowship with Christ they had never known before.   So, I too will go with Jesus to that lonely place, even if we just sit in silence.  In that place, at least I am near my Lord.



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