The Reason for the Exodus

Welcome-HomeWhy is it that so many people no longer attend church services on a regular basis?  Some have said that it’s just a sign of the times, that it was prophesied in Scripture that there would be a great “falling away” before the end.  Though this may be somewhat true, I believe it is much more than that.  People aren’t leaving church because it is irrelevant.  The church will always be relevant in every time and culture.  They aren’t leaving because they’re bored with church.  God is not boring, and His people are not boring either if they are truly worshiping and serving Him.  So many other reasons have been given by pundits recently for the church’s demise, but these are just not acceptable to me.  I believe the real reason is found in the heart of worshipers.  It’s not that they’re just disobedient by refusing to attend service.  They’re just not seeing the need because they have replaced God with numerous idols.  The reason for the exodus from church today is not a problem of choice, boredom, or even disobedience.  It’s really a heart problem.  It comes down to this:  if your heart is right with God and you desire to worship and serve Him, you will do so with other believers in His house.  Choosing to do differently shows signs of greater problems in your heart.  God has chosen His church as the people who encourage, train, equip, pray, and worship together in community.  As it’s been said many times, “There are no lone ranger Christians.”  The problem is that too many today think they don’t need anyone else because their Christianity has become too familiar.  They have grown to used to the holy and have forgotten just how amazing a privilege it is to come into the presence of Almighty God.  This is a dangerous place to be spiritually, but sadly is where most American Christians are today.  If once we would receive a new vision of what God really desires from us (our hearts), we would never question the importance of the church again.  I ask you; are you currently active in your church?  If not, why not?  Before you begin to give your list of excuses, search your own heart.  I’m not here to criticize or condemn you.  I’m concerned about your relationship with Christ, as I am a pastor and long for all God’s people to serve Him faithfully.  So aside from all of your homemade reasons, why are you not in church?  I challenge all who read these words to prayerfully consider the church again.  It’s God’s Plan A for reaching the world for Christ, and He has no Plan B.  Our society can be changed, but not through individuals who are unwilling to work together.  God blesses unity, not schism.  Will you join with me as I seek God’s will and ways?  Will you be part of the church again?


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