Lack of Knowledge

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  -Hosea 4:6

How true this statement is today!  God’s people are falling away by the thousands to the worldly desires and beliefs that are being taught to them.  How can this be?  They do not seek God through His Word.  There is no understanding, because true knowledge and wisdom come only from God and His Law.  There is a famine in the land.  A famine of the Word of God.  This famine has been brought on not because of a lack of Bibles or teachers, but because God’s people have chosen it for themselves!  The cares of life have become more important than the Word and commandments of God.  Everything is accepted as truth.  Everything is tolerated.  Even though there is more preaching and teaching being done now than ever before because of TV and the internet, God’s people are led astray and deceived.  How can this be?  Because the ones who should be heard are refused due to their abrasive messages.  Only those who have the message of health, wealth, and ease are heard.  “Prosperity is the key to happiness, and prosperity comes from God,” they say.  And this message they sell at a very high price!  Isn’t this what the Pharisees also believed and taught?  And yet Jesus called them “white-washed tombs full of dead-men’s bones.”  The “lack of knowledge” that is destroying God’s people is being brought on by Satan himself.  No wonder so many of God’s people are being deceived!  This must stop!  But how?  Those of God’s people who truly see and understand must first get right with God.  We must renounce the world and its attractions and state with passionate voices, “Take this whole world, but give me Jesus!”  Then we must beg God to open the eyes and the hearts of His people so that they will see and understand the Devil’s deceptions and turn away from them.  Truly, revival must come!  It will only come when God’s people quit listening to the Devil’s lies, repent of their sins, and recommit themselves to reaching the lost world for Christ.  Until these things happen, change in this world for good will not take place.  We can idly sit by and watch as the Devil has his way with us and those around us, or we can do something about it.  It’s not too late!  Recommit yourself today!


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